Czech Radiological Society Czech Medical Society JE Purkyně
was founded July 28, 1924 in Prague sanatorium in Podolí under the name: Czechoslovak Society for röntgenologii and radiology (the Society).

Nowadays it name is Radiological Society CLS JEP (the RS) is the basic organizational unit of the Czech Medical Society of Jan Evangelista Purkyně.

For international purposes is use the name Czech Radiological Society (of Czech Medical Association J.E. Purkyně).

The temporary main task of the society are:

  • RS brings together staff working in the field of radiology,
  • RS support the growth of the field and defends the professional interests of its members,
  • RS organize and support the professional, scientific and educational activities,
  • RS organizes working meetings, symposia and congresses,
  • The Committee coordinates the activities of specialized sections and working groups,
  • RS is actively involved in the design, content and providing continuous training in radiology.

RS members perform diagnostic imaging using different procedures and different energies, particularly ionizing radiation (outside the field of nuclear medicine methods), mechanical energy (ultrasound), magnetic energy fields (magnetic resonance imaging), or others.

Presidents and secretaries of the Society from 1945:
until 1961: Chairman. prof. Svab, aj.doc. Blaha, doc. Poch
1961: President of Society prof.Baštecký, Secretary doc.Poch
1969: President of Society prof.Bláha, Secretary doc.Kolář
1973: President of Society prof.Holý, Secretary prof.Kolář
1987: President of Society prof.Blažek, Secretary prof.Kolář
1991: President of Society prof.Kolář, Secretary doc.Vyhnánek
1995: President of Society prof.Vyhnánek, Secretary prof.Kolář
1997: President of Society doc.Šprindrich , Secretary prof.Benda
1997: President of Society doc.Šprindrich , Secretary doc.Válek
2005: President of Society doc.Mechl., Secretary doc.Ferda