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The journal of the Society

The long effort to separate the issue of radiological journal succeeded only in mid-1938, which came Acta radiologic et cancerologica bohemoslovenica. The magazine was forcibly stopped before the third number 3 year 1940th After the war was renewed.
The journal "Acta et radiologic cancerologica bohemoslovenica" was renewed after the war. The magazine was renamed to the "Czechoslovak roentgenologii" (later "roentgenology") in 1964 for "Csl. Radiology", in 1993 the "Czech-Slovak radiology" and finally in 1994 the"Czech radiology ". The chief editor until 1981 was prof. Svab, from 1981 till 2006, prof. Kolar and since 2006 doc. Ferda.