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The history of society

Initiator of the first meeting of medical doctors interest in roetngenology was Pilsen radiologist dr. Antonín Čipera. The meeting decide thath the founder of scoeity had to be a person of high authority and that was a professor of surgery and radiology dr. Rudolf Jedlicka. He prepared the first Preparatory Committee of the election and the Society. According to the statutes, the Society was conceived as a professional and scientific organizations.
The main topic of society was until 1948 failure of the recognition as an independent field of radiology, as in the outside world. Prague academia disagreed. Moreover, internal divisions grew between radiodiagnostics.
The first two years as the Society headed prof. Rudolf Jedlicka, the Society flourished. Her efforts culminated in the Congress with a high level (May 1926). After the death of Jedlička (late 1926) still managed to hold a successful congress in 1927. In the following years, led by Prague Clinicians Society eminent professors A. Ostrčil (gynecologist), K. Hynek (internist), J. Divis (surgeon) and B. Prusík (internist). Their interest in radiology, however, was only partial, covering only their subjects. They were not interested in other diagnostic outside their own department.

The turning point came only in 1940 when radiologist B. Polland became chairman. This process culminated in 1945 when he became chairman Professor V. Svab. Remarkable act of emancipation in the field workshops in May 1956 in Spindleruv Mlyn, from which emerged the resolution for the Ministry of Health. It contained a comprehensive concept of field roentgenology and radiology with all the necessities
In 1953, after the establishment of the Institute for postgraduate medical education he managed the Society to build a separate department of roentgenology and chair of radiology. The first head of chair of radiology was MD. J. Slanina, followed by prof. P. Vesin , since 1976 prof. Kolar, since 1992 prof. J. Bohutová and since 2004 prof. Jiri Neuwirth. Postgraduate education since 1968, guaranteed a two-level of board examination- attestation in radiagnostika - radiology. Since 2005 the one only board examinatuin was introduced and the specialisation was renamed to "Radiology and Imaging Methods".
Postgraduate and mainly continuing medical education (CME) inside is promoted from the several y professional meetings in Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Hradec Králové, Pilsen and other cities and two-year periodicity of Czech radiological congresses. The focus of community life after the war shifted to the educational activities in undergraduate and postgraduate education, the activities of professional (working) and scientific.